Neighborhood Profile: Stadium Village

The third stop on our UMN neighborhood tour is Stadium Village, undergrads! In this area of campus, you’ll find tasty restaurants, cute, little coffee shops, and plenty of fun things to do. This spot is also home to all of the U’s sports arenas. So if you’ve got school spirit, swing by and let your fellow Gophers hear it!


Raising Canes


Raising Cane’s menu consists of quality chicken fingers and crinkle cut fries that won’t disappoint. This restaurant’s secret sauce also gives them bragging rights; it adds just a touch of spice to an already amazing spread. Additionally, their quick service can’t be beat and you can find yummy garlic bread inside their box combo meals. Wanna hear a fun fact? The founder of Raising Canes received the lowest grade in his class for a business plan that he wrote in college. His professor told him that a chicken finger restaurant would never work, but he didn’t let that stop him. And, thank goodness he didn’t. Stadium Village just wouldn’t be the same without Raising Canes!

Buffalo Wild Wings


On sunny summer days, what beats dining outdoors? Answer: nothing. This Buffalo Wild Wings location has an expansive patio offering outside seating. Inside, they have wall-to-wall HD TVs and big screens, helping all of the Stadium Village sports fanatics to catch their favorite games. Moreover, BWW has tasty wings and “Boneless Thursdays”, where each boneless wing just costs you a mere $0.60 (GASP!). This restaurant is located in the historic No. 19 Fire Station Building, which was constructed in the year 1893 and is one of the two original Minneapolis fire houses still standing. Isn’t that pretty nifty? We think so!

Big 10 Restaurant/ Sub Shop


This famous restaurant is known for their superb subs and award-winning wings. They also serve up signature burgers, chicken sandwiches, wraps, salads, fresh soups, homemade chili, and an array of apps. Although the Big 10 Restaurant and Sub Shop have been around for over 5 decades, people still continue to rave about the great food and friendly customer service.

Yogurt Lab


If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you’ll love Yogurt Lab. This self-serve frozen yogurt shop makes their yogurt fresh daily. They offer mouth-watering yogurt flavors and an endless variety of toppings. At Yogurt Lab, you’re encouraged to get creative while crafting your tasty treat and you’ll be surprised to find that there are 16 unique flavors on tap at all times.

The Tea Garden


Mmmmmm, bubble tea. Originating in Taiwan, bubble tea combines brewed teas with a range of exotic natural fruit concentrates. You can order yours shaken, blended, or served cold. And the best part? You’ll find tapioca pearls at the bottom! Their menu also includes tea lattes, fruit teas, chais, coolers, and shakes, which can also become bubble teas if you choose to add bubbles to them. The Tea Garden’s loose leaf teas are sure to satisfy your taste buds and their selection of gourmet sandwiches, snacks, and desserts will keep you coming back time and time again. This teashop provides customers with free Wi-Fi, making it a prime study spot. Additionally, on some weekends, you’ll find that the Tea Garden features live performances by Jazz musicians and DJs.


Oak Street Textbooks


This bookstore is cheap and offers a sense of convenience to its customers. Oak Street Textbooks not only sells new and used books, but it also provides other services to students. Oak Street Textbooks allows you to sell your books back to the store and they also let you rent out textbooks from them. Yes, yes, you read that right, they have a textbook rental program in place!

Fun things to do 

Williams Arena, Mariucci Hockey Arena, TCF Bank Stadium, & Goldy’s Locker Room


Are you an avid team supporter? Swing by Williams Arena to check out a Golden Gopher’s basketball game, stop into Mariucci Arena to see the Gophs play some puck, and then don’t forget to hit up TCF Bank Stadium to cheer loud and proud for our school’s football team. But wait! Before the game, make sure you check out Goldy’s Locker Room. Here you’ll find the latest and all-time greatest Gopher gear. They’ve got that maroon and gold apparel that college kids can’t wait to sport. Oh and don’t forget that TCF Bank Stadium also hosts some pretty cool concerts. Upcoming performers taking the TCF stage include: The Rolling Stones, Luke Bryan with Florida Georgia Line, Randy Houser, Thomas Rhett and Dustin Lynch, and One Direction.

CorePower Yoga


Sick of running and lifting weights? Try hitting up CorePower Yoga when you’re in need of a satisfying workout. They offer countless classes throughout the day, making it easy to fit a workout into your busy schedule. CorePower’s classes will challenge you, help you to alleviate a little stress, and make you break a sweat.

Shin Hair Salon/Karaoke

Whether you need a trim or can carry a tune, you should stop by Shin Hair Salon/Karaoke. The atmosphere here is lively, giving off a feel good vibe. With a business concept as unique as this one, this place deserves to be put on every UMN student’s bucket list. Without a doubt, you should check this place out!

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St. Paul Neighborhood Profile

The second stop on our University of Minnesota neighborhood tour is is St. Paul. While some may think of St. Paul as the cows-filled counterpart of Minneapolis, its actually filled with its own set of unique shops, cozy cafés, and a multitude of new ways to spend an afternoon. So hop on a campus connector or catch a 3 bus and head over to our next UMN  neighborhood.


IMG_8945Colossal Café is located on Como Avenue and serves up breakfast classics like  pancakes, omelets, and pastries, in addition to a lunch menu of soups, salads, sandwiches, and Mac n’ Cheese– all made from scratch!

11173358_10205241151619807_1216437071937274767_nFinnish Bistro offers European dishes like quiche, lefse, and pasties;  live music performances; and cakes that look too good to eat (not that we wouldn’t.)

11173397_10205241154419877_9178634916669311796_nMim’s Cafe is across the road from St. Paul campus and the perfect place to fill up on  Middle Eastern favorites like hummus, kabob, falafel, and shawarma between classes. Lori’s Coffee House shares a building with Mim’s and is a favorite study spot of students who want a quiet place to get their caffeine fix.

IMG_9947Tim and Tom’s Speedy Market is a grocery store slash treasure hunt with tons of unique local and international products, including a meat counter, grab-and-go sandwiches and salads, and more ice cream and soda options that you’ll know what to do with!



IMG_9946Bibelot is the perfect place to find unique home goods, jewelry and accessories, and Minnesota-themed gifts. Step upstairs and explore a clothing shop with new and resale items.

11159529_10205241152299824_4650480932431059360_nMicawber’s Books is a local shop that’s provided bestsellers, fiction and nonfiction finds, poetry, and more to the St. Paul community for over 40 years.

dairy_salesroomSt. Paul Dairy Salesroom sells  ice cream, meat (Juicy Lucy’s anyone?!), cheese, and a variety of other items that CFANS students produce in the UMN dairy lab. Try one of the shop’s  popular ice cream flavors like Gopher Gold when the salesroom is open to the public Wednesdays from 2-5 p.m.


Things to Do           

1530311_10205241152619832_5093029095083579025_nSt. Anthony Park Library is a great alternative for when you just don’t feel like studying on campus.

11070610_10205241152059818_3194241939502992799_nCollege Park is the perfect place for a picnic, game of pickup basketball, or relaxing walk.



The Minnesota State Fairgrounds doesn’t only host entertainment two weeks out of the year! Some of our picks for the best non-fair entertainment:

Images: Minnesota State Fair logo

Neighborhood Profile: Dinkytown

It goes without saying that the University of Minnesota campus is huge. From the calm of St. Paul to the hustle and bustle of Dinkytown, there is always something to explore. And since exploring isn’t always the easiest thing to do when you have a paper to write, a midterm to cram for, and hours to work, CEHD Undergrad has stepped in to bring you the must-see destinations of four campus neighborhoods: St. Paul, Dinkytown, Stadium Village, and West Bank.

Read on for the best of our first neighborhood, Dinkytown.


11133721_10205169494388421_3414045571303667639_nLoring Pasta Bar is great anytime, but don’t miss Sunday’s all-you-can-eat buffet filled with a variety of Loring’s signature pastas; breakfast favorites like French toast and scrambled eggs; and college luxuries like fresh fruit, sushi, roast beef, and mussels. And don’t even get us started on the dessert table: Crème brûlée chocolate covered strawberries, and cannoli anyone?

13126_10205169490668328_6243790982012511203_nLands End Pasty Company serves pasties, AKA Cornish pastries that look little giant hot pockets, but taste so much better. Visit the shop to try a meat or vegetables pasties for a delicious lunch or snack.

11150295_10205169486548225_1640683347246156436_nAl’s Breakfast is only ten feet wide and seats fourteen, resulting in a line that is out the door most mornings. The line seems to speak for itself in terms of the quality: guests rave about the Eggs Benedict, blueberry pancakes, and hash.

11133856_10205169487188241_1031536288258519816_nShuang Cheng Restaurant has been serving Cantonese food family style in Dinkytown for over twenty years.

1520630_10205169485468198_8937929704588293892_nJersey Mike’s is the newest restaurant to open in Dinkytown, selling subs “Mike’s Way” (with onion, lettuce, tomato, and a blend of red wine vinegar, olive oil, and spices) and slicing the meat right in the sub line. If you’re really hungry, the Jumbo sub is 15 inches.

644423_10205169494108414_4258926350705631291_nAnnie’s Parlor has burgers, fries, and THE. BEST. MILK. SHAKES.


11149335_10205169486868233_3657501139316690274_nEspresso Royale isn’t your typical grab-and-go coffee shop. Spend an afternoon studying while getting your caffeine fix (don’t miss the $2 Tuesday latte special!) and people watching the happenings of Dinkytown through the huge storefront windows.

purple_onionPurple Onion Café has a full menu and tons of coffee drinks, making it the perfect place for grabbing a bite to eat or cramming for a test—or both! 

10929973_10205169494828432_9034330555444365815_nBordertown Coffee is situated in an old fraternity house and serves up baked goods and ethically purchased coffee Monday through Friday.


gina+willGina + Will is a Goodwill resale shop selling sport and formalwear, interview attire, and casual clothing and shoes.

11082531_10205169490068313_4391769535370382558_n-1Fast Eddie’s Place has been repairing shoes beaten down by the elements and the daily walk to class for over thirty years.

Varsity Bike and Transit offers bikes, accessories, and repair to the local biking community.

Things to Do

Varsity Theatre brings national and international musical acts (past performers have included Ed Sheeran and Imagine Dragons!) to your doorstep. Weird bonus fact: the Varsity bathroom won Cintas’ America’s Best Restroom award in 2013.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 11.20.26 PMStone Arch Bridge is less than a mile from Dinkytown and one of the best places to check out the Minneapolis skyline. Bonus: across the bridge is Izzy’s Ice Cream, which was named Reader’s Digest’s Best Ice Cream Shop in America in 2005.

4578043267_79d1d869c8_oAveda Institute is down University Avenue a mile outside of Dinkytown, but the prices of trainee-led haircuts and services, massages, manicures, and more make it noteworthy.

southeast_libSoutheast Library is part of the Hennepin County Library branch, allowing you access to virtually any book and providing a quiet place to study on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturday.

Photo sources: Aveda Institute, Izzy’s Ice Cream

The 411 on the Society for Human Resource Management

This interview spotlights the Society for Human Resource Management as well as Laura Heinzen’s role as the President of this student group. Looking to learn more about SHRM and how it can have a positive impact on your life? Then check out the following post, CEHD!

How did you get involved in SHRM?

My academic advisor recommended it to me, so I attended a meeting on a whim. I liked it so much, I kept coming back!

Describe your role as President of this student group.

As president, I coordinate all of the speakers and meetings, and oversee the director of membership, director of finance, and vice president. Basically, I make sure everything is running smoothly!

How is this student group making a difference in your life?

I always leave SHRM meetings feeling so rewarded. It has really helped me feel more confident, and has made my college experience so much better.

How is being a part of this student org. helping to prepare you for your future career?

Before I joined SHRM, I was didn’t know what Human Resources was all about and if it was right for me. After I went to a few meetings, I finally felt like I had found a place where I could share my passions with others, and I knew HR was the right path for me. In addition, most all of the speakers who come to our meetings are directly linked to hiring decisions at their companies, so it’s a great (but not scary!) networking opportunity!

What is your favorite SHRM-related memory? SHRM 3

One of my favorite memories was last semester when there was a speaker at a meeting who gave us advice the entire time. Not only was this some of the most useful and inspiring advice, the speaker who was presenting was also very funny! We were all laughing so hard the entire time, and still bring it up as one of our favorites.

How would you describe this student group to someone who has never heard of it?

We are a group of students who are interested in learning about Human Resources, making lasting friendships, and creating a network of professionals who can help you in your future career.

What volunteer activities and social networking events does the Society for Human Resource Management group engage in?

This semester, we have done a few volunteer activities. We partnered with another student group on campus and worked at People Serving People, helping to renovate a homeless shelter. We are continually hosting events, and have big things in the works for next fall!

What personal/professional qualities do members of SHRM possess?

Our members are so friendly. We are not one of those “exclusive” clubs that looks down on new members; instead, we embrace them! I feel so lucky to be a part of such a special group on campus.

Describe a typical member meeting.

A typical meeting includes an HR professional speaking about his or her experience in Human Resources, specifically about what his/her particular area of HR includes and what a typical day looks like for him/her. There is usually socializing before and after between members, and food during the meeting!

What advice would you give to someone who’s looking to join the Society for Human Resource Management?

Email us at! We would be happy to answer any questions that you may have, and we always love having new people come to our meetings. Don’t be intimidated because it’s in Carlson or because you might not know anyone—SHRM will no doubt surprise you!

What tips do you have for students who are looking to make the most of their campus experience?       


Get involved!! I have made so many friendships as a result of joining clubs, and have learned so many useful things in a fun way. Even if you are unsure about joining a club/student organization, I urge you to try it out a few times. It might surprise you, and the members are usually very welcoming!

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Here’s What the President of SMA Had to Say

This interview spotlights the Sports Management Association and the role Keegan Zimprich plays as one of the Presidents of this student group. If you want to learn more about SMA and how being a part of it can impact your campus experience in a positive way,  read on!

How did you get involved in SMA?

I initially got involved in SMA at the beginning of my Freshman year. I went to a meeting with a friend who was also interested in a career in sports and was hooked after just one meeting.

Describe your role as one of the Presidents of this student group.

As President, I oversee the executive board and try to ensure that all members are given a valuable experience each time that we meet.

How is being a part of this organization making a difference in your life?

SMA is providing me with ample opportunities to gain knowledge about the vast industry of sports. I also have established many great contacts to network with in the greater Twin Cities area that will undoubtedly prove to be valuable in the near future.

How is being a part of the Sports Management Association helping to prepare you for your future career?

As previously mentioned, SMA is helping me prepare for my career by giving me the opportunity to establish contacts in the sports industry and the opportunity to form relationships with other UMN students who I may be working with in the future.

What is your favorite SMA-related memory?

This past fall when the group toured the “New Vikings Stadium Preview Center” in downtown Minneapolis. We got to see to-scale models of suites and gathering spaces, as well as renderings of what the downtown east area will look like following construction of the stadium.

How would you describe this student group to someone who has never heard of it?                                                               

The above picture is of this year’s SMA intramural volleyball team.

SMA is a student group designed to give students an environment to learn more about the highly-competitive sports industry in a hands-on way. Perhaps the greatest benefit of being in SMA is the opportunity to network with industry professionals and other UMN students who are also interested in pursuing a career in the sports industry.

What volunteer activities and social events does this group engage in?

Besides our bi-weekly meetings, SMA is involved in intramural leagues around campus. In the past year, we have also attended a Wolves game as a group and plan to attend a Twins game later this spring.

What accomplishment(s) is SMA most proud of?

Our ability to foster growth in members, all while having fun and gaining valuable knowledge.

What personal/professional qualities do members of this student group possess?

The group is made up of exceptional students who are eager to grow and gain knowledge of the sports industry.

Describe a typical member meeting.

The meeting will begin with a brief overview of what’s going on in the group, including future events and opportunities. We then hand the meeting over to the guest speaker who takes up much of the time. Before the meeting ends, we hold a Q&A session with the guest speaker.

Does SMA provide students with networking opportunities?

Absolutely. Students have the chance to network with the industry professionals who come in as our guest speakers, as well as other students at the U who have similar career interests as them.

What tips do you have for students who are looking to make the most of their campus experience?

This photo features a few of the SMA board members with the Little Brown Jug!
This photo features a few of the SMA board members with the Little Brown Jug!

Get involved! College is not just about the learning that takes place in the classroom. In order to be a well-rounded individual upon graduation, students need to have experience and knowledge that can only be found outside of the classroom. Find a group that interests you and don’t hesitate to get involved.

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