Neighborhood Profile: West Bank

The fourth and final stop on our University of Minnesota neighborhood tour is West Bank. This part of campus is chock-full of unrivaled restaurants and fun things to do. Bored? Swing by Cedar Riverside and spend an afternoon in this area. When it comes to West Bank, there’s no such thing as wasted time, there’s only time well spent!

Food Food Clipart

Hard Times Café


This Twin Cities café is truly one of a kind. For starters, it’s open 22 hours a day (closed from 4 to 6 am), only accepts cash payments, and has an all vegan menu. The food is cheap and tasty, and this eatery serves breakfast throughout the day. Moreover, you can get access to their free Wi-Fi and complimentary street parking. Oh and know that no one will come to your table to take your order! Instead, grab a pen and a piece of paper and write it down yourself. Simply record your order, write the price in front of each item, and then total the numbers up at the end. When your food is ready, the chef will yell out your name and you best go fetch it… fast. You won’t be waited on hand and foot here, you’ll get a sense of what life was like back in the “hard times”.

Acadia Café


This café and music venue is located in the heart of West Bank and they serve up some of the most delicious grub. You can order anything from hummus & pita chips to a tex mex burger at this food joint. Acadia even has a scenic outdoor seating area draped with lights and flowers. Additionally, this café strives to provide entertainment for the Minneapolis area seven days a week and they host karaoke night every Thursday. To see an all-inclusive list of upcoming events at Acadia Café, visit today!

Mapps Coffee & Tea


This picturesque coffee shop helps to bring a worldly ambiance to our college campus. Located on the lively corner of Cedar and Riverside Avenue, Mapps Coffee is a family owned business providing elite customer service. Stop on in to enjoy their cozy atmosphere and to sip on one of their delicious drinks. You’ll find everything from mint frappes to green tea smoothies on their menu. Oh and don’t forget to test out their Turkish coffee that’s brewed to perfection! For a full list of menu options, click here.

Afro Deli

Afro Deli

This delightful deli offers everything from coffee and tea to lunch, dinner, and dessert. The venture manages to weave together a sense of community and culture. Afro Deli provides a variety of foods at affordable prices and better yet, the cuisine is served quickly. You can find newly made Mediterranean, African and American food here that showcases a wonderful blend and balance of flavors as well as indoor and outdoor dining to accommodate your seasonal seating desires.

Fun fact: In 2013, the Afro Deli won a Minnesota Daily Grapevine Award for “best campus restaurant”. Want to see their rockstar menu? It’s right here waiting for you!

The Wienery

The Wienery

Yep you guessed it, The Wienery specializes in making hot dogs. Diners can customize their dogs by choosing from a range of different styles and toppings. Also, any dog can be made Mexican style (wrapped in bacon!) for a mere $1.50 surcharge. This restaurant serves everything from breakfast to dessert and offers foodies a diverse selection of grub. Whether you’re in the mood for a veggie melt or a rootbeer float, this restaurant is sure to satisfy your cravings. And here’s some noteworthy news- this family owned and operated restaurant was featured on the Food Network’s TV show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives! Pretty cool, huh? Click to view the short video segment.



This well-known restaurant opened its doors to the Cedar Riverside community in 1977. Today, it’s Davanni’s #2 shop, cooking up quality calzones, hot hoagies, zesty pizzas, flavorful pastas, succulent salads, delicious desserts, sharable dishes, and a plethora of vegetarian options. Oh and another thing, Davanni’s delivers! To place an order for delivery, simply visit

The Lucky Dragon Restaurant


The Lucky Dragon has a vast menu consisting of many classic Vietnamese and Chinese dishes. This diner’s portions are massive and their prices are unbelievably low. You basically receive two meals for the price of one, making this an ideal spot for college kids. Swing by the Lucky Dragon Restaurant sometime to receive exceptional customer service and savory soft serve ice cream cones.


Shopping bag

Thrifty Outfitters 

Thrifty Outfitters

If you’re an outdoors enthusiast living on a little budget, you’re sure to love Thrifty Outfitters! This locally owned outdoor gear store vends quality products at discount prices and always has a wide-ranging selection of equipment in stock.

Plus ++

  • There’s a repair shop with experts on staff
  • New bargains are constantly arriving (so shop here regularly!)
  • Thrifty Outfitters offers free yoga classes on Saturday mornings from 8:15- 9:00 am


Theatre in the Round

Theatre in the Round

This matchless theatre is host to a year-round schedule of performances produced by professional artistic directors. Here, more than 300 volunteer actors, designers, and technicians bring shows to life and the stage sits directly in the middle of the venue. The way these comfy seats surround the stage creates an intimate feel for the audience members, a memorable experience for the artists, and a cozy atmosphere for all. At Theatre in the Round, the spectators are physically closer to the action, making productions all the more thrilling. If you’re looking to see one heck of a show, check out this venue on a Friday or Sunday. On Fridays and Sundays only, students with a valid school ID pay just $15 for entry. Oh and don’t forget to arrive fashionably early (that’s a thing!) because Theatre in the Round has a lovely lounge where snacks, drinks, and conversation can all be enjoyed before showtime.

Cedar Cultural Center

Cedar Cultural Center

The Cedar Cultural Center is a unique, non-profit performing arts organization celebrated for hosting an array of productions. Come here to see indie, folk, experimental, jazz, and blues artists play, or to catch comedy acts, dance routines, fascinating films, spoken word performances, and community events. This center presents the best of local, national, and transnational music and puts on more than 250 events each year- attend one of them! For a comprehensive list of events, visit

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Staying Connected: Tips for Senior Year and Beyond

In honor of graduation, CEHD Undergrad sat down with CEHD career counselor Jamie Schumann to discuss how seniors can utilize career services and the resources the university offers long after they flip their tassel and take on the title of alumni.


Jamie was motivated to become a career counselor after spending countless hours with her own as an undergrad. Jamie’s counselors helped her as she switched majors, decided on graduate school, and networked  for her current position as a CEHD Career Counselor, which she’s held since October of 2014. Jamie attributes her career successes to the relationship she built with her counselors and now she is sharing that wisdom with students and alumni.

Post-Grad Life


CEHD Undergrad: Senior year can feel panicky and sometimes students really don’t know what they want to do in their lives all of the sudden– kind of like a quarter life crisis. What resources does CEHD have that can help students with that?

Jamie Schumann: Current students and alumni up to two years out can meet with a career counselor to talk about what they’re going through in terms of figuring out what they want to do if they don’t know. If they’re still unsure of their interests they can take an interest assessment online and come in for an interpretation with a career counselor– sometimes that can help ground people in what it is that they’re looking for and give them validation that they’re on the right path, or give them new ideas for things maybe they haven’t thought of yet.

CEHD: If a student is having a hard time transitioning into the workforce after graduation what resources are available to them? Is there anything outside of meeting with a career counselor if they’re not in state?

JS: The typical job search takes six to nine months after graduation so I think that’s important to keep in mind. Maybe you aren’t getting interviews, so it’s always a good thing to review your materials and we can still help people with that out of state. I did a phone interview with a student that was living in Chicago a couple months ago and she sent me her resume and her cover letter.

The job search strategies page on our website goes over this career development cycle process which it can be hard to navigate if you aren’t 100 percent sure what you want to do. A good way to ground yourself can be to figure out ,“If I know my values, I know my interests, I know my skills, how do I roll those into a job?” It’s always good to start with knowing yourself. Set some career goals and then look at the job market.

CEHD: What is the most common concern that a graduating senior or an older student will come in having?

Most students just need assurance that they can do something that they’re thinking about. I have had people come in across the board: people who are wanting to do a gap year, AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, and thinking, “How can I translate this into a career?” Some are people that are in a current career who are rethinking and trying to figure out if it’s right for them. We help students with decision making, personal statements, interviewing, researching options, and if you get an offer and you need help negotiating, we help students with that too.

The Job Hunt


CEHD: What are some networking resources that are available to CEHD students?

JS: On our website we have a guide to professional social networking and online identity. It’s really helpful because it goes over online networking on LinkedIn, which I really recommend everybody get. We have a CEHD student and alumni networking group which can be  another safe way to explore because you can look people up by major and see what they’re doing, read their profile, and then you can send them a message and say, “Hey would you like to meet for coffee? I’d like to know more about what you want to do and how you got there and tell me about your career path.”

We also have some handouts on informational interviews so if you’re trying to figure out like how to do an informational interview, we’ve got some suggestions on how to get connected, how to conduct it, how to schedule it, like literally how to go about doing the interview and all the way to follow up.

On GoldPass, we have a professional networking tab so that’s another place where you can strategically look for people to conduct informational interviews with.

CEHD: What is the best advice you have for students as they begin their job search?

JS: Always be active in the process. Whether that means going back to the knowing yourself stuff: identifying skills interest values, exploring that, all the way to evaluating what kind of resources you have. A lot of times just talking to people, reaching out learning what people do, sometimes that process can really bring in new doors for you to open. Today about 80 to 85 percent of internships and jobs have been landed through networking and that’s a really great way to stay connected to the pulse of the field.

Again, a typical job search does take six to nine months. To really go through that process, engage in it as soon as you can. Compile all of your resources and see what you have and what you’re missing and consult with us if you need help. It’s really important to stay positive through the job search process. It can be easy to  feel bummed after you had a handful of interviews but know that the job search process is really a two-way street: it’s not just about the employer seeking you out and hiring you, you’re looking for a good fit too!

Come for the career counseling, stay for the view from the Ed Sciences building.

Staying Connected


CEHD: And once a student lands that dream job, what ways can they stay connected to the university?

JS: We hope that if we’re working with students they will share their story on our blog! We do have a Career Services blog, and that’s also a great place to search for jobs and internships. Some specific ways to get involved and stay connected is by becoming a member of the UMN Alumni Association where you can become involved with the CEHD alumni society. You can also volunteer with current CEHD students if you want to become a mentor to them.

CEHD: What would you say the biggest benefits of speaking to a career counselor would be for a graduating student?

JS: Career counselors can really help you no matter where you are at. Whether your complete undecided and you’re just challenged by what you want to do or trying to negotiate your first salary, it’s never too late to connect with your career counselor.