About the Writers

Megan Gebert and Gina Van Thomme write the CEHD Undergraduate Experience blog and maintain the social media accounts.


Megan Gebert, is a junior at the U, studying creative advertising with an emphasis in business. She enjoys cheering loud and proud at Gopher games, learning American Sign Language, and jammin’ out to country music on her way to class. Megan is a born and raised Wisconsin girl who loves the Green Bay Packers, midmorning yoga sessions, vacationing up north, and queso dip. After she graduates, she plans to work for an Ad agency in the Twin Cities and create commercials that put the “Hump Day” commercial by GEICO to shame.

1546230_10203799887669109_8849035780720660246_nGina Van Thomme is a senior at the University of Minnesota. She is majoring in journalism with an emphasis in feature writing. She is a proud Gopher whose favorite parts of the U include football games, exploring campus, and Panda Express. In her free time, Gina enjoys attempting to longboard, organizing, and online shopping. After graduation, she plans to find a career that combines writing and social media and doesn’t require her to do any math.

You can contact them with questions or story ideas by email at blogCEHD@umn.edu

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