Take Your Professor to Lunch

Have you ever sat in a lecture so big that the closest thing to personal connection with your professor was when they read your name during roll call the very first day? Because the university is such a large school, you are bound to be in a big class once in a while, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting to know your professor. The Take Your Professor to Lunch program is one opportunity students can meet their professor in a more casual environment by taking them to lunch at one of the university’s dining halls or restaurants.

Details about the Take Your Professor to Lunch Program

  • Students in lectures with 30 or more students can participate in this program
  • Groups of 3-7 students in the same class can take a professor to lunch
  • The University pays for each lunch (up to $9/per person.)

Hannah Karels, Colleen Krick, and Jaci Theise are three students who decided to take advantage of the Take Your Professor to Lunch program. Hannah, Colleen, and Jaci are psychology majors and Family Social Science minors who took Jane Newell’s Family Systems and Diversity course. After hearing about the program, the three decided to take advantage of the opportunity where they enjoyed great networking, free food, and the knowledge that a big campus doesn’t mean there is a smaller chance to make great connections with a professor.

What areas of learning are you most fascinated with or passionate about in college? 

All three of us are psychology majors and family social science minors. We are all interested in studying and learning about people and family interactions.

What made you decide to take this family social science course?

This class was actually part of our minor requirements, but at the same time it was a very interesting course description since we all are interested in family diversity and think it’s an important family topic to learn about.

Why did you decide to take Jane out for lunch? Was the experience what you were hoping it would be?

We wanted to take Jane out to lunch because she made class very personal and she wanted to get to know us as well. We thought this program was a great opportunity to take advantage of! Also, Jane told us that her background was in social work and family social science and incredibly diverse that we wanted to learn more about future careers for ourselves! The experience was really great! Jane was very appreciative and it was great to have a free lunch!

Why should other students take advantage of this resource?

FREE FOOD! And you get the chance to learn directly from your professor and get to know them on a personal level. It would definitely come in handy if you ever needed a letter of recommendation! Plus this university in particular is so large, it’s great to meet professors and other classmates, making the university feel just a bit smaller and more personal! Sometimes this is a common dilemma for students thinking that the University is too big and impersonal. It was great to form a relationship with Jane!

Find more information or sign up for the program here!

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