Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Title: Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Date: 2012

Media type: Documentary

Format: Complete

Category: Families in Society, Family Life Education Methodology

Keywords: work and family, cultural and global perspectives

Rating: NR

Audience(s): High School Age, College Age, and Adults

Language: Japanese

Film/Episode Summary: Jiro Is a world renowned sushi chef in Japan. His passion for his craft and his constant desire for improvement dominate his life, and the lives of his family. Jiro’s restaurant employs his older son, who is set to inherit the business when Jiro decides to retire, though it seems that the only thing that will stop Jiro from working is death. Jiro’s younger son runs his own restaurant, associated with Jiro’s. The brothers were raised by a man possessed by work which shaped them as individuals and chose their career paths, ones that mirrored their father. The culture of Japan really shines through in this portrait of a family and their business, giving a fascinating glimpse of a family unit from a culture other than one’s own, unless of course you are from Japan.

Comments or Recommendations for Teaching: What is your impression of Jiro as a father? Husband? Businessperson? Was his devotion to his work well placed? Why? Though the focus of the documentary is primarily on Jiro and his work, his personal and family life gets bound up in the story why do you think the 2 are relevant to each other?

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Contributor: Ian Brunzell-Looney