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Used People

Title: Used People

Date: 1992

Media type: Film

Category: Couple and Family Counseling

Keywords: cognitive intimacy

Rating: PG-13

Audience(s): High School Age, College Age, Adults

Language: English

Film/Episode Summary: At her husband’s funeral, Pearl (Shirley Maclean), Jewish mother of two divorced and antagonistic daughters, meets an old Italian friend (Marcello Mastroianni) of her husband, whose advice years previously had stopped the husband leaving home. For 23 years he, now a widower, has secretly loved Pearl…

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Contributor: Anonymous


Title: Seinfeld

Date: 1991

Media type: Television

Format: Episode

TV Season-Episode: The Deal: S2-E9

Category: Human Sexuality and Health, Interpersonal Relationships, Couple and Family Counseling

Keywords: sexual intimacy, communication, developmental stage, cognitive intimacy

Rating: NR

Audience(s): College Age, Adults

Language: English

Film/Episode Summary: Elaine and Jerry renew their sexual relationship after viewing a soft-core pornographic film, but to protect their friendship, they establish boundaries for future escapades. They pride themselves on having finally come up with the perfect template for having sex while remaining friends, though George doubts that their deal can work. On Elaine’s birthday, Jerry inadvertently offends Elaine by giving her $182 in cash as a gift. Kramer, on the other hand, pleases Elaine by giving her a bench that she wanted. Jerry wants to end the agreement, but Elaine admits that she wants a full-fledged relationship and can no longer conform to the established rules. Realizing that he and Elaine cannot be only friends, Jerry resumes the romantic relationship.

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