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The high-resolution touch screen and simple finger gestures make it easy to use the iPad. There are gestures for switching between apps, rearranging apps, and organizing them in folders.  Multitasking allows certain apps to run in the background, so you can quickly switch between the apps you’re using.

Open an app: Tap its icon.

Return to the Home Screen: Press the Home button or pinch four or five fingers together on the screen.

View the most recently used apps in the multitasking bar: Double-click the Home button or swipe up towards the top of the screen using four fingers. The most recently used apps appear in the multitasking bar at the bottom of the screen. Flick from right to left to see more.

Toggling between apps:
While in an app, you can place four fingers on the screen and move your hand to the right or left to “scroll” in between all open apps.  You can also use the multitasking bar to switch between apps.

Force an app to close: In the multitasking bar, touch and hold the app icon until it begins to jiggle, then tap the red badge with the minus (-) sign. Icons will return to the multitasking bar the next time they are used. Press the Home button to complete the process (icons will stop jiggling).

Lock the screen orientation or use the player controls: Flick the multitasking bar from left to right. These controls, starting on the left, include screen orientation lock, brightness, player controls.

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