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College of Education and Human Development

Here are some apps you should try. We have organized them by what they do. The best way to add these to your iPad is to search for the app name (in bold) using the App Store. Many of these apps are free but some my cost a minimal amount.

Take notes for class:

  • Evernote (requires an Evernote account): Type and manage your course notes with this app. All notes are synced to your Evernote account. As they are on the cloud your notes are available to all your devices that are running Evernote (phones, laptops, etc.).
  • You can use your finger or a stylus to write on your iPad screen like you would with a pen and paper with one of these apps—find your favorite—Note Shelf, Penultimate, or Notability. NOTE: Penultimate notes can be saved in Evernote.

Transfer and store files for homework:

  • Dropbox (requires a Dropbox account): a free file storage and file sharing app that is integrated into many iPad apps.
  • Google Drive (uses your U of M Google account): a free app that gives you access to your U of M Google Drive/Docs account.

Create and edit Microsoft Office documents on your iPad:

  • CloudOn (requires a CloudOn account and cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox): This free app allows you to edit Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files.

Take notes, highlight text, and draw diagrams on PDF files :

  • NeuAnnotate + PDF: a full-featured PDF reader and annotation tool. Annotations can be typed, drawn, highlights, or audio recordings. Great for course packs or supplemental readings.

Keep up on current events:

  • Flipboard: a highly customizable free interactive magazine-style news and information app.

Video Chat or attend a UM Connect video conference on the iPad:

  • Skype: a free video chat app. Requires a Skype account.
  • Adobe Connect: Use this free app to access UMConnect video conferences.
  • Google +: Use this free app to access Google Hangouts. Note: This app does note work with U of M Google Accounts.

Express yourself—make a movie, draw a picture, or record sound:

  • iMovie: Apple’s video editor. Make movies or trailers using still pictures and iPad video, record narration, and add sound effects and music.
  • Sketchbook Express: a free drawing/sketching/painting app.
  • VoiceRecorder for iPad: a useful  audio/voice recorder app.

Don’t miss a Tweet:

  • Twitter: a free app that gives access to your Twitter account.

Create presentations for your courses:

  • Explain Everything: a versatile and interactive white-board and screen recorder app. You can use these tools to explain everything in a live presentation or record it to video.
  • VoiceThread: a free app for creating collaborative online multimedia presentations. This  tool creates visual conversations—good for digital storytelling or group work.
  • Prezi: an online interactive presentation tool. View your Prezis with this free app—while it includes some editing tools you will still need to create your Prezi using a computer.
  • Keynote: Apple’s presentation tool—similar to PowerPoint. The app many editing tools and is a great way to view Keynotes you have made with other devices on the iPad.

Watch video:

  • YouTube: View, rate, and comment on user-generated videos.
  • Vimeo: a free app that gives you access to user-generated videos—similar to YouTube.
  • TEDTalks: This free app gives you access to videos from TED—an organization dedicated to innovation in Technology, Entertainment, and Design.

Access learning resources:

  • iTunesU: Apple’s free app that provides access to thousands of free learning  resources (from Quantum Physics to Guitar Lessons).
  • Browzine: (requires a University of Minnesota Internet ID): A browsable newsstand of the University of Minnesota Libraries’ top journals. Easily find, read, and monitor thousands of scholarly journals directly from your iPad.
  • (requires a University of Minnesota Internet ID): A library of online training videos that provides access to more than 1,700 courses for all skill levels in more than 140 specialties.

Other apps you might need:

  • Calculator for iPad
  • Podcast: Apple’s free app that gives you access to podcasts. Use the app to subscribe to your favorites.

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