Reverse Culture Shock and Jet Lag, but yet a Learning Experience

After being home for a couple of days, I am still adjusting in all areas. First off, I am so jet lagged. I cannot seem to get back on my normal sleep schedule. Now with school started and deadlines and due dates already approaching, being sleep deprived is affecting my productivity. In addition to school starting, as soon as I got back up to Duluth, I had to get out my planner and plan out my week and make a to do list. This is completely opposite from “Thai time” where I was simply just living in the moment. If I had a choice I would much rather live the Thai way, but I know with my busy schedule I would loose my mind.

Aside from school starting and being tired, I find myself having a little bit of reverse culture shock. Although three weeks isn’t a huge amount of time to be away, it was enough time to change my perspective and feel comfortable in a different culture. I am used to seeing many Thai people and having them look at me because I was the minority, and when I did see other Caucasian people it was almost automatic to want to ask them where they were from, because often times they were from the states or Europe. This was exciting as a foreigner. Now back home I see Caucasians and people may think I am crazy if I asked where they are from. And even though Thailand was busy, especially Bangkok, there was no attitude involved with the busyness. For example, in traffic there is road rage here that people in Thailand don’t have. It is going to take some time to adjust.

Most importantly, this was such a great learning experience in all areas. It simply became clearer to me that I love learning, and being a prospective teacher that is probably a good thing. I love learning about myself, what and who I value, what I believe, and what really makes me happy. Apart from growing within myself, I also love learning academically. I want to be a well-rounded person with knowledge in many areas. This trip was a great eye opener on my perspectives about life and who I am and want to be. I am grateful for the professors, new friends, and sister I got to spend this life-changing trip with. Thank you!

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