Advice for the next group of travelers from Naomi Timm

1) Choose to have a positive attitude.
— It’s hard to know what to exactly expect when traveling abroad so it’s best to be flexible and open-minded. Have the mentality, “I’m not in Thailand long enough or often enough to be negative.”
2) Journal!!!
— Not only should you journal about you daily events and on-goings, but be sure to write down your emotions, thoughts, insights, questions, and even describe scenery and flavors. It’s annoying at times, but I PROMISE, upon your return, days, months, even years later you will be happy you did! It’s the best souvenir for yourself!
3) Be adventurous!
— Like I said before, you’re not in Thailand often enough so try different foods, engage in new activities, have insightful conversations with locals and your classmates, and ask tough questions. Step out of your comfort zone and question your assumptions of life, you will grow not only as a person, but also in your faith and beliefs.
4) Pack Light!!
— Bring 1/2 as much stuff and twice as much money!!

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