Day 3 by Holly T.

Day three, Dec 30th 5:12pm- Today we had two planned events. In the morning we had a Thai cooking class and in the afternoon we went to a monk chat. The Thai cooking class was so much fun! The guy who taught it was hilarious. He would show us how to cook then we would go cook for ourselves. I loved learning how though. Everything we cooked was made so fast I couldn’t believe it! At home my food takes forever! I was not good at cooking there. I cracked an egged and it went all over the floor! What a mess I made! After the cooking class we went to the monk chat. This was interesting but not as much fun at the cooking class. I learned a lot from both. I just liked how the cooking class was more interactive. There was also a temple when we went to the monk chat. It was a very old temple but was so beautiful, bright, and colorful. There were people that would come to pay respect. It was also interesting to see the monks outside just being normal or goofing off. Some of the boys were so young!
Tonight I am going to go to the night market! I love all of their stuff here. This market is supposed to be a lot bigger than the Sunday market; I’m excited to see what it has!

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