Monk Chat


Being able to interact and engage with a monk (K.K.) at the Monk Chat was both eye-opening and uplifting. When K.K. mentioned that monks only concentrate on their present being and not their past or future, I was amazed. The idea behind this as K.K. mentioned is to decrease one’s suffering. This did not make sense to me at first. I remember thinking to myself, “If anything, I would be suffering more if I did not focus some of my energy on my past and future.” However, when K.K. elaborated on how failure of a future plan brings self-shame and desperation/wants creates self-greed, I understood why concentrating on my present would mean less suffering. 

Zip Lining with Friends at the Jungle

 When I think about what K.K. said, I realized how time oriented and futuristic I am when I am in the present moment. I always think and wonder how my actions today will contribute to tomorrow. By thinking of such questions, I believe I miss out on living in the present. Therefore, although being futuristic is a part of me, I must also learn to live in the present like zip lining with friends! 

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