Thai Food and Sleeping Habits

The Thai food here is absolutely delicious! Besides the small cautions of water quality and freshness, definitely what I was look forward to for taste. One thing that I noticed about the food was that the portions were smaller than those in the States. Comparing the container of the take out of the food stands here to Panda Express at school, Panda is about twice as big. It is understandable since it is cheaper, but I did feel the food had something to do with my odd sleeping habits.

After the cooking class, one theory was since the food is usually made with fresh veggies and meat here and smaller portions, my body digests it better and faster. In addition, I especially love to drink and eat the coconuts here too, thus makes me wake up in the middle of the night to do my business more often than normal. Another thought was because of the small portions, I feel that I should eat a lot, and some times I eat more than normal. The after effect is food coma, so I sleep earlier, wake up early, and then get tired throughout the day and take more naps than I usually do.

Never the less, these “theories” don’t keep me away from the yummy food and juicy coconuts!! Maybe I just need time to adapt to the food, or maybe its not even the food.. Hrrrmmm….

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