Thai Time!

After being in Thailand for about one and a half weeks, I am starting to enjoy and get the groove of “Thai time.” This basically means instead of trying to control my time, I go with the flow of time. Back in Minnesota, I remember how I always watched the time constantly in order to not be late. However, in Thailand, although I am mindful of the time, I do not feel rushed to always be on time. 
Me and a Thai Elder

In addition, experiencing Thailand itself has helped me see a better perspective of myself and my Hmong culture. For instance, elderly care. Like the Thai people, Hmong adults also take care of their parents when they age. Although we do not have a law that enforces this norm on us, we are expected to take care of our elderly parents by the Hmong community. This got me thinking: what other similarities do I share with the Thai people?

I guess it’s hard to say and predict what other similarities I may have with the Thai people. However, one thing is for sure, I am definitely enjoying and learning much about Thailand. 

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