Blog #5 by Katelyn S.

Blog #5
There are several cultural events we have experienced on this trip that have opened my eyes to the many possibilities for my future. I have always been such a planner when it comes to education, working and my future. Now that I am a senior and will be graduating this May, I am unsure of what lies ahead for me, but I have learned on this trip that having a set plan and being inflexible can limit myself to so many possibilities. Through the variety of cultural events on this trip I have so many thoughts of what I could do with my future. I have also learned it’s okay to not know exactly what lies ahead. By being open and flexible I can gain so much more. 
I have come to really enjoy this country and also the perspectives I gained from traveling. I was unsure of how I could continue this after I return to the states. One event that really stood out for me has far as possibilities for my future was our visit to Prince Williams College. This is a K-12 private school in Chiang Mai. After my visit to the school I began thinking of the possibility of coming back to teach for a year or two at Prince Williams College. I am unsure if that is what I will do, but I really appreciate how this trip has opened my eyes to so many new options for myself.

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