Blog #6 by Katelyn S.

The Power of Just Being
There is a quote in one of the short stories that we are reading on this trip that really stood out to me. In “The Secrets of Tham Krabok” Michael Buckley writes, “Travel is limiting the comfort of the body to gain freedom of the mind.” Becoming comfortable and allowing myself to just Be, is something that I have really been able to gain and apply while on this trip. Allowing myself to be completely mindful in any given moment or at any event, has allowed me to gain new perspectives and open my eyes to many new things. Not stressing or worrying about what is next, where we are going or when we will get there has allowed me to fully absorb any given moment and really just be present. Focusing on the positives of each moment has helped me to really appreciate and learn from each situation I have gone through on this trip. There have been several times on this trip that we have had to be flexible with a change in plans, go by “Thai time,” not know exactly what event lies ahead for us or when we will get there. I have seen when things don’t go as expected or planned how that has causes irritation. When I limit myself by setting standards and they don’t go has planned that is when the stress begins. But by allowing myself to just be in the moment, see the sights, smell what’s around me, hear the sounds and what others have to say I have been able to gain so many new perspectives and gain growth in my mind and soul. By being able to limit the comfort of my body, like the quote mentioned, be ok with being unsure or a little uncomfortable at times I have been able to strengthen my mind.  This too shall past, so by being fully in this moment I can absorb more, remember more and learn more. Allowing myself to “just be” is something I hope to incorporate in my day to day life back at home.

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