#7 – Advice for future students

My advice for future students is to pack light. I know everybody says that but just think about what you’re packing. Before you put it in your suitcase, ask yourself if you are really going to wear that. It wouldn’t hurt to have some pre-planned outfits in mind already. I would like to suggest you bring an outfit for hiking. The weather in Thailand during this time of year should be equivalent to like summer here. From what I remember, it wasn’t too humid so that’s always good. 

This was taken at the highest mountain in Thailand.

I would suggest you pack a sweater or two. It doesn’t have to be a thick one or a thin jacket will do. Also girls DO NOT PACK a blow dryer. They had one at every hotel we stayed at so no need to bring one. It’s just going to take extra space. Another thing you should do to lighten your load is to share things with your roommate. Communicate with them to see what you guys can both share and have one or the other bring that item. 
This was probably the most confusing part for the whole trip. The clothes to pack for this trip can be short sleeves and shorts that are about knee length. Dresses or long skirts for girls are also good. Also bring a pair or two outfits that are business casual. You will probably meet some officials who hold positions in the government and it would be nice if you looked nice. Bringing a blanket and neck pillow is definitely up to you but it will be useful on this trip since you’re traveling to different cities.

This was taken during our 14 or so hour train ride to Chaing Mai.   

Lastly, come with an open mind. Don’t be afraid to try new things. You will see food there that you will probably never eat or see again but just know that it’s food that the Thai people are used to.  Enjoy your time there, take lots of pictures, and create many new memories with new friends.

Food from our home stay.

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