Mueda’s Story – from stateless person to environmental advocate

This is the story of Mueda Nawanat, born and raised near the Thai/Burma (Myanmar) border. Born to refugee parents, she was considered a ‘stateless person’ and was denied access to secondary school and the university. Because of this, she helped pass Article 23 of the Thai Nationality act which allows people born in Thailand before 1992 to apply for Thai citizenship. In 2008, that happened for Mueda – she became a Thai citizen.  She formed a group called Mekong Youth Assembly that supports communities to protect their environment and fight against unsustainable development.

Click here to listen to Mueda’s Story


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  1. Acharn Cathy, I am inspired by this film, and am so glad you share it with us. It is well done in that it doesn’t overwhelm, and is grounded in her story. Thank you!

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