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  1. Being at the Wat Temple during orientation was the first encounter that I had ever had with the Thai culture, other than eating Thai food or watching Thai movies. The Thai community members were very welcoming and it reminded me of my family. It was really interesting to see how respectful and mindful the Thai community acted towards the monk and to see how much the Buddhism religion influenced Thai culture and their ideas of morality.
  2. One learning goal that I have for myself in regards to this Learning Abroad seminar is to be open-minded and to be able to understand things through different perspectives. I feel like it is hardest to understand things that we aren’t accustomed to in our own cultures that sometimes we just disregard them instead of trying to appreciate them like the people who practice those cultures. So my goal is to appreciate things even though I may not be able to understand them.
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  1. Mai Vue-

    I very much relate to this trip being the first true experience with Thai culture! Your goals for the trip are similar to mine, and I appreciate the excitement you have for new experiences and interactions. This is going to be an incredible experience. I look forward to meeting you soon!


  2. We share so much similarities! This experience was also my first time encountering Thai culture other than eating the food and watching movies. I didn’t go to the Wat Temple expecting what we consider a “normal houses.” I learned to be more open minded and accepting things as they are and not expecting too much.

    I think that your goal is also very similar to my goal. I hope to go to Thailand with an open mind and see things from a different perspectives. I hope that everyone can appreciate this experience. It’s going to be great!

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