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I had a wonderful time at the Wat Temple meeting everyone and getting exposed to the Thai culture.  I learned right away that it wasn’t the look of a temple that I had expected.  I need to be more open minded that not assume what things are going to be like based off of social media and the Thai lakorns that I’ve watched in the past. My experience at the Wat Temple helped me to understand the respect that people have for Monks.  We must be cautious of our space and not point our feet towards the monk.  It was nice knowing that there are still people who follow the old tradition even though they are in America where people tend to shift culture.

During the trip in Thailand, I hope to emerge myself in Thai culture and step back away from my judgments.  I want to learn about the Thai culture and traditions of how it differs from culture in America.  I am excited and I believe that this will be a wonderful experience.

Nina Thao
May 2, 2016

2 thoughts on “NT Blog 1”

  1. Hi Nina! I think living in the cities, we are often blinded by social media and their perceptions of how the world is around us. I too have those biases and would find it challenging to let go of them to create new ones. I’m excited to share this experience with you and the team! I think you’re already on the right track by being aware of your own biases and being conscious of not letting it cloud your judgement.

  2. Hi Nina! I’m glad that I got to see into your perspectives a little bit since we will be rooming together! I am so excited for this trip and agree with you that we can sometimes be judgmental towards other cultures, but that your goal is to be open-minded!

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