Yes! It’s Thailand!

I was fascinated by how respectful the students in Chiang Dao school are. I remember when we step into the building, where we will be watching the students perform one of the students smiled at me and wai to show respect. They really show respects to their older peers and adults. I was very shocked to learn that the students here in Thailand really have the skills that can help them to live independently without depending on their parents. As for the students in America we were not taught the skills to live by ourselves other than focusing on our education, ourselves and find which career we want to do. I also learn that schools like Chiang Dao has goals of making sure after their students graduated the students are able to find a job and have the skills to live independently. I noticed that in Thailand the main language is Thai but then there are also other tribes that still speaks their native language.

I noticed that the climate changes as we go higher up the mountains. When we were in Bangkok the weather was very hot and the air is very thick. If we are not in a room with cool air conditioning it will be hard to breathe. However, when we went up hill to Pha- Nok- Kok Hmong village the air is more refreshing. Although it may be a little bit humid we can survive because of the refreshing air and breeze. I also noticed that uphill in the mountains it is more green then in Bangkok and where we stay at. I think the reason for this is because it is less populated where the tribes live.


On our first day when we arrived to Thailand we went to a cooking class called Cooking at Home. This is where I learn about how families are in Thailand. I remember that our cooking instructor’s husband told us that they own their own business at home. When it is not busy it will just be their family running it but then when they have like tourists like us come, their neighbors will also come to help them as well. This is something that I was very surprised to had learned about. Because in America our neighbors will not help us like how the neighbors will help this family.

4 thoughts on “Yes! It’s Thailand!”

  1. Mai Mee,
    I agree that the students were very respectful at the school! They were very polite and modest. I also liked that they learned how to be independent after high school. I think it is important for them to learn how to get a job right away.
    I also noticed the climate change. It was so beautiful on the mountain! And what a difference between Chiang Mai and Bangkok.
    Great post!I’m so glad we get to spend this time together!

  2. Mai Mee,

    I, too, enjoyed going to the school and seeing how respectful and full of energy the kids were. Like you mentioned, I thought it was great that Thai schools teach independence and practical skills. We, as Americans, are so used to memorizing textbook information and then forgetting it immediately after the exam. I envy that these students learn things that they will never forget, like how to care for a home and/or survive on their own.

    Thanks for an insightful post!

  3. Mai Mee,

    The school was also very interesting for me. I thought it was really cool that they taught the kids life skills in addition to academics. As a young adult struggling to “adult,” I would have really liked to have had a class in middle school or high school that prepared me to live on my own.

    Great post! I’m excited to continue getting to know you!


  4. Mai Mee, Each of your paragraphs is like one of Hansel and Gretel’s bread crumbs which they dropped on the path through the woods away from the Big Bad Wolf. Yours led us to insight. I’m glad you wrote about how the Chiang Do school prepares students for life which is different than how our schools have evolved. Thank you!

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