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Packing Checklist

Checklist of Things to Pack for Thailand

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Heed this packing rule of thumb: PACK AS LIGHTLY AS POSSIBLE!!!

Due to the capacity of our transportation vehicles, we ask you to limit your bags to:

  • one larger suitcase (remember – you will be carrying it around the country)
  • Be sure to weigh it so that it is under the airline’s weight limit
  • one smaller bag (probably your carry-on bag)
  • one satchel/backpack/large purse)

Most students find that their belongings “grow” while in Thailand. So, err on the side of UNDERPACKING to allow room for souvenirs, gifts, etc. Some students have packed a collapsible bag in their larger suitcase so they have a spare one on the return trip – often sharing that space with others. We will check the airlines for baggage limits; it’s quite expensive to pay for overweight and additional bags.

_____ Passport (bring a copy and leave one at home with someone you can contact if lost or stolen)

_____ Know departure time and plan to arrive at the airport TWO Hours before our flight departure time. This is important; clearing security takes time. Meet group at gate

_____ Money/Credit card/ATM card and a secure way to carry money and passport. Bring a copy of credit/debit card and information about what to do if lost or stolen

_____ Notify credit card issuer and/or bank/credit union about your travel (otherwise, they may block its use in Thailand, thinking it was stolen)

_____ Ziploc bags are marvels for traveling, especially in the rainy and humid tropics. Use for passport (and other general purposes). Larger Ziploc bags are great for notebook/journal, camera, phone

_____ Medicine

Prescription medicine in container with name
Malaria medicine in container with name
Medical equipment that requires a prescription
Traveler’s Diarrhea Treatment (Imodium AD and Pepto-Bismol); We will discuss ‘superbug’ and antibiotic use)
Advil or Tylenol

_____ Journal or notebook and pens

_____ Small gifts for families/school hosts (we’ll discuss and make a plan)

_____ Water bottle

_____ Sun block, Sunglasses, Hat for sun if you are very sensitive to sunburn

_____ Mosquito Repellent with Deet

This is important; we’ll be in forested areas and it’s the beginning of the rainy season so mosquitos will be emerging

_____ Sanitizing gel or wipes


  • Plan for a week’s worth of clothes.
  • Think inter-changeability. Basic colored bottoms to wear with different colored tops. We will all see each other’s outfits so that’s the norm.
  • Dress for heat and humidity, light-weight fabrics are best. They can also be easily washed out and dried.
  • Laundry is available in some places for a fee.

_____ Lightweight slacks, capris, skirts

Longer shorts (knee-length) can probably be worn during leisure time and for some course activities but absolutely no short-shorts or gym shorts unless in your hotel room

_____ Short-sleeved tops (t-shirts fine; tank tops ok in hotel and on weekend excursions BUT still must be respectful. Gals: no or little cleavage; you might bring a shrug to wear with a tank top – that is fine.

____ One nice outfit (but doesn’t need to be fancy)

_____ Underwear

_____ Sleepwear (remember that we will be someone’s guest at our homestay, so plan to be seen a couple of times by someone other than your roommate)

_____ COMFORTABLE shoes (at least one pair must be closed-toed for temple visits)

_____ Rain poncho (lightweight) or Umbrella

_____ Swim suit (for hotel pools and beach)

_____ Lightweight, small towel to use at host family stays


Check with your roommate and friends. It is often not necessary that each of you brings one of everything. Discuss and share – think toothpaste, etc. Also, most things can be purchased in Thailand if you run out.

_____ Hair and skin products (not all places will provide shampoo, but all should have soap). Contact lens solution if needed. Consider going without or using minimal make-up. Remember, you will be sweating most days so much of what you apply in the morning will probably be gone by mid-morning!

_____ Toilet Paper (not all public restrooms will provide this; Target has small packages in the travel section)

Other useful things (consider coordinating with roommate)

_____ Alarm clock

_____ Downtime materials: books to read, deck of cards, games

_____ Computer/Tablet?  Let’s talk about this

_____ Bandana (to “mop” sweat!)

_____ Small flashlight

_____ Camera and charger

_____ Electrical converter if needed (we’ll discuss this as well)

_____ Pocket knife for cutting/peeling fruit (pack in checked bag)

_____ Snacks (small jar of peanut butter, granola bars, nuts, etc.)

Ziploc bags will help keep fresher. Chocolate will melt