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End of Term Checklist


  • Remind students to complete the Student Rating of Teaching (SRT) and any other course evaluation instruments. The SRT will be available the last two weeks of instruction.

Grade Roster

  • Verify access to grade roster in MyU – don’t wait until grades are due (see below).


  • Check to see that you have applied a grading scheme.
  • Review point values and grading schema to make sure they support the grading plan outlined in the syllabus. Verify values for weighted categories, if used.
  • Remove unused assignments or assignment groups in your gradebook.
  • If you used the “exclude empty grades” setting, keep in mind it does not actually enter a zero for missing work.  It only changes the way the instructor sees the gradebook. To complete grading, assure zeros have been entered in for missing assignments.
  • Post grades for all assignments.
  • Are there Incompletes? If yes, draft contract for completion for any student with an Incomplete. Make necessary adjustments to course settings so it remains available during the contract period. See U of M grading policy.
  • Review the grades Total column in your gradebook to assure the grades total matches what you described in your syllabus and grades reflect what you had expected.

Submit Grades (due dates vary)

  • Manually enter the final grade into your grade roster in MyU or
  • Download the grades as a CSV file.
  • Edit the CSV file so the first column contains the student ID, the second column the grade, and the third column the last day of participation. Note: your CSV should not have column headings.
  • Upload the CSV file to PeopleSoft. On the Teaching tab of MyU. Select the appropriate class grade roster, then click the “grade upload” button. Follow the onscreen instructions.
  • For further assistance contact the Student Records Training and Support Team at (612) 625-2803 or

Next Term

  • A blank Canvas course site for the next term will be automatically created approximately 4 months before the start of term. You will find it in your Canvas dashboard at the appropriate time. When you’re ready, import content into your new Canvas site. If you are not using a course site, further action is necessary.


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