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“How do I” articles

Presentation Best Practices

Focus on Your Message What is your goal? What is the significance of the content?  What do you want the audience to walk away saying? Limit your presentation to one significant message and, if necessary, up to three supporting points. Can you sum up your message in 15...

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How do I make Moodle content accessible?

Many of the same techniques for making documents accessible can be used to make a web site, including a Moodle course site, accessible.  In Moodle paragraph styles (e.g., Heading (large) ) add structure to text.  Knowing how and when to use these styles can greatly...

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How do I make video accessible?

Add captions or subtitles to all of your videos so they are accessible to viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing. Captions are used by many people who want to watch videos without the audio. Some learners appreciate seeing the text in addition to hearing it.  Most...

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How do I make text documents accessible?

Making a document accessible requires that a hierarchical structure and organization is used. Screen reading software will then be able to accurately convert the text to speech or display the text in a larger format. Screen reading software does not “read” images or...

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How do I create video with an iPad?

The CEHD Video and Media Specialist has created several video tutorials on creating video using one of these mobile devices. The Mobile Learning web site also has tutorials on using the iPad to create video projects. Video Tutorial Playlist CEHD Mobile Learning Site...

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How do I create video?

DEI provides a broad range of video/audio production services. We will consult with you to discuss your project and identify a solution to best meet your goals. For help navigating all of your video production options, see our Video Production Roadmap page. To explore...

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How do I learn more about specific software applications? is an online service that helps anyone learn software, technology, creative, and business skills. Anyone faculty, staff, or student has a free subscription. Members receive unlimited access to a vast library of effective, current, and engaging...

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