What You Need to Know to Register

  1. Go to edTPA.com
  2. Select “Register Now” and create a New Account
  3. Choose “Pearson ePortfolio System” for your edTPA platform and follow the instructions.
  4. Make sure to wait for an instruction email from the Office of Teacher Education before initiating your registration. You will be instructed to pay Pearson directly and make a payment using a credit card.

What Other Students Learned and Want Us to Tell You: Important Tips

  1. You will use Pearson’s edTPA website for registering for and submission of the edTPA. This edTPA website has a plethora of useful resources for candidates. “Candidates” page helps you navigate the edTPA system through many practical “how-to” guides: registration, video recording, portfolio submission process, and scoring timelines, etc.
  2. BEFORE you begin writing your edTPA responses and collecting evidence, thoroughly read and adhere to your Artifact and Commentary Specifications in your edTPA Handbook. You cannot submit your edTPA assessment if you’ve written even one word more than what is allowed. Have you stayed within your page limits? Do you need to label with Student 1 or a name? Did you use the correct document type or format? Is your video too long? Double check.
  3. Don’t purchase a fancy new video camera!  You may be eligible to check out equipment from the University or can use your iPad, iPhone, iPod to record.
  4. Videos must be compressed to under 200MB. Chances are, your initial video will be much larger.  See our Video section for information to get you under the limit.
  5. The process of loading and review all materials takes time. edTPA recommends giving yourself 5 days to complete. Your fellow students told us they each spent several hours just uploading their documents.
  6. Do not use multiple browsers or multiple browser windows when loading or reviewing your documents.
  7. If you are missing information, or have questions, please contact your instructor or the Office of Teacher Education at ote@umn.edu.