Video Equipment

Where to check out equipment

The University provides some options for borrowing equipment to do your video recordings. These are not all available to all students, and this is not a comprehensive list. Your department may also have some equipment available.

Note: Each source of equipment for checkout has different rules regarding how long you can check out the equipment and in what capacity, so please be aware of the rules and choose check-out sources wisely.

Equipment Check-Out Resources at the U of M:

Student Services:

The CEHD Department of Student Services has some iPad recording kits that can be checked out for recording purposes.  Stop in or call to find out more at the Education Sciences Building 56 East River Road Minneapolis, MN 55455, 612-625-3339 |

iPad and Video-kits Are Now Available for Checkout Through Student Services

There are 20 iPad video kits that can be checked out with iPads by individual CEHD students. Here are the details:

Location: CEHD Student Services, 360 Ed Sciences Building (8:00-4:00 pm, M-F)

Length of Loan: 10 days


    • Teacher Candidates must present their student ID and sign a loan agreement. The checkout process may take 15 minutes.
    • Supervisors who have pre-registered may use their staff ID to check out a system to lend to their Teacher Candidates, but are responsible for the safe return of the equipment.

In case of loss: Teacher candidates are responsible for any damage, loss, theft of the iPad

Upon return: iPads are wiped – All data is deleted

Wireless access: Teacher Candidates will need to use their own Internet ID to log into the wireless network on the iPad, and their own iTunes account

Tech support: TechStop in Coffman is available to assist Teacher Candidates with setting up the iPad and troubleshooting

Contact Student Services to see if a kit is available for check out

SMART Commons:

SMART Commons is a service provided by University Libraries that supports the entire university community. Services include check out of digital video cameras for recording, multimedia consulting by appointment, and computer workstations for video editing (among other tasks). For further information, visit their website:

CLA TV Studios:

If you are a CLA student, you may be able to use equipment from the CLA TV Studios equipment roster. For further information, visit their website:

Wireless Microphone

There are wireless microphones available as part of the “iPad Video Kits” that can be checked out via CEHD Student Services. They are available on a first-come, first serve basis from the office in 360 Education Sciences building. For full contact info visit

If and when more resources become available we will add them to this list.

Help with Video Editing

Request video editing consult with SMART Commons staff (Mon-Fri 9-5pm)

For more information about edTPA Support from the College of Education and Human Development, please contact the Office of Teacher Education at