Need a laugh? Hilarious hot takes on graduate school

Graduate School requires fractal-style time management. First, you’re juggling the big stuff: school expectations, family, friends, maybe even work. But, each big thing can be divided into just as many, if not more, smaller things to hold up in the air. Classes, papers, group projects, readings, presentations, relationships with professors and advisers, and assistantships… even the most organized, and productive among us get stressed out from time to time.

One way to cope? Laugh a little. According to the Mayo Clinic, laughter can help ease tension and reduce stress. We put together a list of some funny takes on academia. Hopefully, this takes the edge off the stress you might feel before the end of the semester.

Lego Grad Student
Lego Grad Student is a sarcastic and witty depiction of the all-too-relatable absurdities that sometimes accompany embarking on the journey of developing academic expertise. Each scene is illustrated in Lego blocks. Recently, Inside Higher Ed reported that the anonymous creator of Lego Grad Student accepted a tenure-track position. It’s apparently still up for debate whether we’ll soon see Lego Assistant Professor accounts cropping up.

Lego Grad Student Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Academia Obscura
Academia Obscura celebrates the “hidden silly side of higher education.” Created by a procrastinating Ph.D. student, Academia Obscura’s blog posts and social media profiles feature textbook illustrations taken out of context, surly messages from publishers, and cartoons about post-structuralism. The success of Academia Obscura landed the creator a book deal.

Academia Obscura website, Twitter, and Facebook

Fake Academic Stats
In grad school, we get used to throwing around so many facts and figures that we can almost go numb and not think critically about them. Until we run across ones we know are false. Fake Academic Stats bluffs its way to your funny bone, citing things that are not technically true, but nevertheless reveal truth through humor. E.g., “Academics, on average, spend 4% of their workweek standing in line waiting for food and coffee.”

Fake Academic Stats Twitter

PhD Comics
“Piled High and Deeper,” otherwise known as “PhD Comics” gets nearly 70 million page hits a year for its funny takes on academic life. It’s a good reminder that earning an academic credential is a big part of your life, but it’s still only a part. At times, we all feel exhausted and buried by our workloads. It’s okay to laugh as you work through it. Don’t have time for the whole blog? They’ve compiled a list of their top 200 comics for you. There’s even a movie.

PhD Comics Website, Facebook, Twitter 

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