How to know if you’re working with a great adviser

Getting into graduate school is a huge accomplishment in itself. Once you’re in, you’re bound to have anxieties about how you will stack up against your peers and make your way through a new landscape of classes, assignments, relationships, and original research. One critical piece of the puzzle is connecting with your graduate adviser. But, it can sometimes be difficult to know what’s appropriate to expect from someone you just met (or in some cases, haven’t met yet).

To help you get a sense of what you should be looking for, or to know if you’ve got a great one, here’s our list of qualities that make a great adviser.

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The low down on master’s degrees, Part 1: Understanding your degree options

Whether you’ve been out of your undergraduate degree program for years or just a few minutes (or maybe you’re still earning your bachelor’s degree), you might be thinking about getting a master’s degree. In this series, we hope to provide you with an arsenal of insights and inspiration to help you plan for your next academic adventure.

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