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2016 Digital Stories

Acceptance in Thailand by Blair Kubes, 2016

Experiences in Thailand by Maria Keeler, 2016

Reflection of Thailand by Nhia Yang, 2016

Thailand as a Reminder by Verona Deenanath, 2016

I Came Back to Thailand Again by Mai Mee, 2016

Thailand Realizations by Taylor Burke, 2016

Growth by Anastasia Press, 2016

Intentions by Lizzy Laakso, 2016

Journey to Thailand by Mai Vue, 2016

A Beautiful Place with Warm People by Lindsey Hodnett, 2016

Back to My Roots by Shengyang Lee, 2016

My Journey of Personal Growth by Halle Smith, 2016

Shades of Gray by Kellin Swanson, 2016

Thailand by Chelsea Silvers, 2016

The Influence of Thailand by Crystal Soderberg, 2016