A Necessary Reminder

Going to Thailand was a very eye opening experience for me.  I was reminded of myself. Going and staying in more of the rural areas felt comfortable for me. Staying in a homestay where there’s no ac felt comfortable. It reminded me of home, where it’s always insanely hot or raining as the rainy season in Guyana is also May and June. Going to the villages left a large impression on me because they are so happy and content with the little that they have. They enjoy their lives the way it is. The don’t crave unnecessary material things. They appreciate the small things in life. Being at the Hmong village and seeing the children playing with each other but just running around and enjoying each other’s company happily as ever reminded me that I was once a kid like that. I used to be happy with the little that my family had. I didn’t constantly want new and popular things.


I was also reminded how lucky I am to be able to obtain the education I am getting right now. I know as students we are constantly complaining about school and now even wanting to go to class even though we pay thousands of dollars for it. We forget how lucky we are, we should be thankful that we are able to get an education. We should be thankful that it’s so convenient for us to go to school, unlike these kids in Thailand who have to leave their families to get and education at an early age. Or kids who do not get an education because their priority is to help their families with another source of income to help their family survive.


Also, when we were at the school playing charades there was a little girl who sat next to me and overtime we got a new word she would look at me to tell her what it meant in English and then should would write the English words in the palm of her hands. She inspired and reminded me about my joy of learning . Her excitement helped me find my own again for that I am very thankful.


I am most thankful for Thailand because I was able to push myself and discover new strengths. I was also able to overcome my fear of heights.  Hiking was something I fell in love with and plan on doing again as well as zip lining and those are things I wouldn’t ever plan on doing if it hadn’t been in Thailand. I am also very grateful for the amazing group of girls who I was able to experience this trip with, who were a great support system and who were always up for an adventure.


I was also able to learn that I was interested in Buddhism  and I was also inspired to learn more about my own religion because being in Thailand I felt that believing in something or living your life a specific   way based on a belief was something I was interested in and it’s something I feel I need in my life.