Thailand 2020 Intro Post

Hello! I’m Megan Kysylyczyn, from St. Paul, and a senior majoring in family social science and minoring in public health. I love gardening, spending time outside, being with family and friends, and learning about nature. Learning about immigrants and refugees and the cultures they come from is a new interest started by a class I took this fall. Thailand has many immigrants and refugees from surrounding countries, and many have left to come to the US as well. Other reasons Thailand interests me are that I’ll be able to learn about how health is viewed, what it means to be a “productive” citizen, Buddhism, and farming/food production.

Nicholas Aufmuth Intro Blog Post

My name is Nicholas Aufmuth, and I am currently a sophomore in Carlson studying Marketing, with minors in Strategic Management and Sports Management. I am from Lake Geneva, Wisconsin (right in between Milwaukee and Chicago). In my spare time, I like to play and watch sports (football, basketball, and baseball) and hangout with my friends. I first heard about this program in my intro to sports management class. After looking further into the program, it looked like something I would like to partake in. One of the things I’m looking forward to is immersing myself in this new culture, and learning about the culture norms and traditions, as well as learn a lot about Buddhism.