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2015 Digital Stories

My Realization in Thailand created by Mai Zong Vang, 2015

Same Same but Different by Julia Rodman, 2015

A Journey Where I call Home by Mongkon Cida, 2015

What I Found in Thailand by Ka Vang, 2015

A Whole New World by Yer Her, 2015

Three Weeks of Dramatic Change by Kya Rawn, 2015

Thailand My Cultural Awakening by Amanda Barthof, 2015

Growth…. in Thailand by Pahoua Vang, 2015

My Paste of Life: Thailand by Susan Xiong, 2015

Thailand: My Home of Many Firsts by Katie Zellner, 2015

Thailand by Emily Huff, 2015

Journey in Thailand by Claire Kurschner, 2015

Thailand: A Land of Remembrance and Discovery by Crystal Yang, 2015

Pieces of Me by Zang Lee, 2015

More than the Mekong by Elaine Vue, 2015

Where I Came From by Chee Moua, 2015