How to fix a problem

The first experience that was truly shocking to me as far as the seminars go was the statistics that were shown at the nursing college. The effectiveness of the Thai’s to create a system to track illnesses and outbreaks has tremendously helped them make decisions about what kind of care needs to be administered throughout Thailand. This tactic seems very cost efficient and will actually protect the health of their people. The basic understanding that to take of the people will take care of the country is a concept I’m questioning if the U.S has adapted. When the discussion of how they dealt with the HIV issue once it was introduced in Thailand was the most interesting and shocking. The openness about contraceptive at a young age and the availability of resources to those who are affected by HIV was amazing. Through their statistics they were able to literally show us how they decreased the number of people being infected with HIV within 3 slides, it was the simplest presentation but I sat amazed. The idea of being practical and putting that concept into action was all it took. It made me feel like the U.S. complicates things to no end and makes everything a judgment call, a moral standard set by the deviant politicians, or some 100 year old knowledge that is as useful in today’s society as a wooden tire. The medical staff of Thailand has seemed to be able to adapt and identify what the needs of the people are make the necessary changes. It’s that simple. 

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