Post by Ginny Anderson

Tonight is our last night in Chiang Mai. The first week has flew by, but I feel like I have done and learned so much in my time here. This experience is extremely different from anything that I am used to, but I have loved every minute of it. There are many aspects of the Thai culture that I wish our society could be more like. In my time here, I have noticed that many people don’t seem to have much. Although this is the case they are so warm and friendly; they seem to be happy with what they have and where they are. In America, I feel like our society is always striving to have more and more. Before coming on this trip, I saw myself as a grateful person, and I feel like I appreciate the things that I have. Although this is true, I feel like this experience has made me even more so. I have really realized the little things that I do have that I take for granted, especially clean water and air. I look forward to the next adventure in Chiang Rai!

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