Post by Katie Koppy

There is so much to be said about the experiences I have had in Thailand. This place is amazing and a lot more than I expected it to be. I came into Thailand thinking that I would get ill from a bug passed amongst the people, or I thought I would hate the food. I thought that it would be more dangerous, and I thought that it would be hard to get around and converse with the Thai people. I was completely wrong. I have found that the food in Thailand, for the most part, is great. I have found that I feel very safe and comfortable surrounded by my peers, and I have found that the Thai people are the gentlest and friendliest of people. The culture is so different in many ways, and I have found myself in awe at so many sights, and have reached out of the box to be able to fully experience and immerse myself into the Thai lifestyle. Riding the elephants, ox driven carts, and the rafts was an experience to remember for a lifetime. Being surrounded in the jungle by this culture and lifestyle was one of the most amazing opportunities I have had in this life of mine, and I am so grateful to have had it. The zip line was also a life long memory I will cherish. I have had so much fun in these activities, and I have had so much fun when it has come to the education we have received about Thai people and health care. I really enjoyed the lectures on HIV/AIDS and human trafficing. I also enjoyed the tour of the hospital. I found it shocking that they let us in the ER to take a tour, and have visibility to the patients and their illnesses. Like the culture in itself, this was a big change from home. This experience is far more than I have ever expected and I am taking away from this so much knowledge about the Thai people, healthcare, culture, and myself. Thai happy :)))))

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