bittersweet feelings

Today is our last day. I cannot believe it, 3 weeks ago at this time I was sitting at home celebrating christmas, and anxiously awaiting my journey to Thailand and now here I am and my journey is coming to an end. It has been quite a ride, I have been so lucky to partake in so many wonderful experiences and learning opportunities. When I was preparing for this trip I was not sure what to expect nor what it would be like, but it has simply been everything I have hoped for. The new friendships I have made, and the memories that will last a lifetime. This entire journey has helped me to grow as a person, and given me the opportunity to step back and look at the whole picture, I have learned a lot about myself. So much has happened in these past weeks. One day I was riding an elephant and rafting down a river on bamboo wood and the next I was learning about the Grand Palace and Wat Po. Everything that we have done has been wonderful, and I cannot express enough how blessed I feel. Even when we were not attending lectures, the other activities we partook in were learning experiences, and great life-lessons. It is imposible to say what even my favorite part would be, and which city I enjoyed the most, they all are so different. They all have so much to offer, and there is always so much going on its like the cities never sleep. As a group we have done as much as we could to get out and see the cities, we went to the night bizarre, the markets, the temples, kao shan road and so much more, but there is still so much more this wonderful country of Thailand has to offer.

I am sad to be leaving this incredible place, and I hope that someday I can return. It is hard to express the thoughts I am having as I try to reflect everything I have done since we have been here. It is all so bittersweet. I am nervous to be going home, but ready. I am sad to leave, but miss my friends and family. I am not sure what to expect when I go home, to be leaving people that I have gotten so close to and spent everyday with these past weeks. It is gonig to be different, we all have found such strong unique friendships that if you had asked me 3 weeks ago about the group, I would of never thought I would develop such good friends so fast. The connections we all have made, and everyones different personalities have meshed so well. I believe everyone brought out the best of each other.

I keep thinking about the fact I am boarding the plane home in a few hours. This journey has been a great one, and I am excited for the way it will shape the rest of my journey and me when I return home.

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