We’re safe – an update from the professors in Thailand

I know many parents and friends have been concerned since reading the email message issuing a safety alert for U.S. citizens from our embassy here in Thailand.  Upon receiving it, we contacted students and requested that they avoid the more touristy areas last night,  We were able to meet with most of them and discuss the situation last night.  We learned this morning that someone had been arrested.  We’ve not received any further warnings (it is now 5:30 p.m. Saturday)

We will continue to stay alert and monitor things carefully.  But for now, we believe things have been resolved.  If we can get Internet at the airport (3:30 a.m. Sunday morning here), I will post something then.  However, please know that it’s not always reliable so I may be unable to do so.  Your best bet is to monitor the flight at Delta.com. 

Please know we take student safety abroad very seriously.  Thank you for supporting their participation in this amazing learning experience… they are awesome individuals with unique strengths and gifts that have combined to create a great group!!!  It’s been a privilege to facilitate their learning here in Thailand.  Sawatdee, Ka!

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