Advice from Casey C. for the next group going on the Thailand course

Some advice to the next group conquering Thailand:
I went to Thailand over J-term 2012, it was a life changing experience. This is not an exaggeration or some trick to get you to think about going; it really opened my eyes. There’s a few things I want to let you know before you go. Please take them into consideration, as it was advice I had received or wish I had received prior to going.

1.Try Thai food before going and know one dish you like. The food in Thailand is very different that what most Americans are used to. By knowing you like one dish, it will open your eyes to other dishes as well. If your not sure that the food is right for you, some of the girls I traveled with brought peanut butter and that helped them a ton. Just be sure to pack it in your checked luggage (Right Acacia Marie?) And this is a once in a lifetime experience, so if your stomach can handle it, try crazy and exotic food! When is the next time you can try dried squid? 🙂

2. As soon as you get to the airport start connecting with others. Or even before; through facebook or email. I was blessed to go with an amazing group of people who all got along. It took us about a week to get to this point. So start getting to know each other asap! The relationships you build on this trip will become life long friends (or they did for the group that went in 2012).

3. Travel light. There’s nothing worse than having a bunch of stuff to lug around from one hotel to the next. And there is a TON of markets over there and lots of shopping to do. So if you can, bring simple items that you can wear with different items. (Girls: maxi-skirts and sundresses will be your best friend) Dress modestly when going to lectures and field trips. Bring closed toed shoes. Bring clothes you’d want to go out in at night.

4. Go to the skybar in Bangkok. It’s where the hangover 2 took place and it’s a great opportunity to see the city at night. It’s very classy.

5. Be open to new ideas. Try new things. All in all, have fun and enjoy the ride. The three weeks will go by faster than you want them to.

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