My Lost Blog–Blog #4

I wrote this blog in Bangkok but it failed to post here on blogger. Let’s try this again!

The lecture we attended at Bumrungrad International Hospital was one that affected me the most. I hope to have a career as a hospital administrator one day, and the material presented created excitement for my future. The entire concept of this hospital was quite intriguing as well; the overall environment felt more like a hotel than a hospital. The facility was very modern and had basically all the amenities of a hospital especially the patients rooms that closely resembled an apartment. I was also astonished to know how less expensive their health care is compared to ours in the United States. Some surgeries can cost one-fourth or one-eighth the price we pay domestically. Even the financial reporting aspect of Bumrungrad was impressive. They are reporting at an impressive margin, partially due to the amount of patients they receive paying out of pocket (cash, essentially). I also was surprised that they do little advertising and marketing to countries around the world in which they rely on patients telling other people about their experiences at Bumrungrad. Simply amazing, I can barely wrap my head around it. All in all, I really learned a number of things that I can take back to the US in hopes to make a small difference in a rather large problem we are facing.

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