My advice for the next people going on the trip would be…

While you are preparing for the trip, no matter how much you think your ready, reading or seeing pictures is nothing like the actual experience you are about to have. You can get ready as much as you like but you will get there and you will absolutely be blown away…in a good way. When packing make sure you have clothing for the lectures, and a little sweater they love the air conditioning. Also bring some clothing for if you plan to go and see some of the night life, there always is something going on and fun to check out.

When you are in Thailand, try everything, food, transportation, and maybe even try to learn some of the language. I only could say a few words but if I would have known more that would have been helpful. When you are there go out adventure out utilize your free time there is so much to do. I had a travel book with me and looked up places to go and then when we could we went to the places, or we asked the local Thai people where we should go. There was never a dull moment, everywhere we went we had a fabulous time.

Try to be a go getter and do as much as you can but also make sure your getting your rest. Make the most of your trip, this will be something you will remember forever. If you want to do something do it don’t let anything hold you back. Lastly, have fun be open get to know your group members. The better you all get along the more fun you all will have together.

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