Back in the states by Casie Peyton

It’s hard to believe that the trip is done. I defiantly miss the warm weather! I have been super busy since getting home. I moved into a new house. This required lots of painting, moving, and unpacking, but I’m glad to finally be mostly settled into a new place.

I cannot pretend that I wasn’t excited to be home and see the friends and family members that I missed, but it’s bitter sweet knowing that I may never be able to go back to that beautiful country.

I will always remember how welcoming and friendly the Thai culture is. That is one aspect that really stuck out during our travels. It is so much different than the Minnesotan culture. I think that I will try to incorporate some of that into my day to day life. Saying good morning to strangers in an elevator or talking to people I don’t know on the street doesn’t seem so scary and inappropriate anymore.

I also miss all the amazing people I traveled with. I could not imagine experiencing all those new things with a better group of individuals. I hope that we will all stay in touch.

So, until we meet again. Be safe, take care, and its been quite a ride.

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