Advice for Future Students

The trip to Thailand was amazing and if you’re considering going, I think you definitely should! It was an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life and I believe I grew as a person from this trip. Listed below are a few tips that I suggest for this trip–

(1) Bring some kind of neck pillow / pillow for the plane– anything that may be comfortable for sleep. I wasn’t able to sleep at all on the flights home b/c I couldn’t get comfortable, I wish I would have had a neck pillow just to try to sleep.
(2) Bring an extra carry-on– I brought a backpack and then another fairly large bag, which I just stored in the overhead compartments. I found that extra bag came in handy for gifts and other little miscellaneous items that I did not want to be stored in my checked bag.
(3) Pack a sweatshirt or sweater for the lectures that you attend– in almost all of our lectures they had the air conditioning blasting and it was hard to pay attention sometimes when all you could think about was how cold you are.
(4) Remember to journal– even though it may seem like it’s taking up too much of your time, journal all the time (it might seem like a lot and it probably won’t happen, but try for every night). It really is worth it at the end when you can read your journal and it brings all those feelings back to you. Also, try to be as descriptive as possible, instead of just simply saying what you did that day– you have an itinerary for that.
(5) Do not overpack– upon my return I realized how much I had packed that I didn’t wear. Just pack the basics and clothes that you can switch around– scarves are great and easy way to change up an outfit. Also, I did a load of laundry in the bathtub at Chiang Rai– I did not think it was worth it. My clothes took forever to dry and it was a pain to wash them in the tub. But if you’re desperate to do laundry then I would do it in the tub b/c through the hotel is usually pretty expensive.
Take in every minute of the trip & don’t take anything for granted! Experience all that Thailand has to offer– elephant riding, zip-lining, the nightlife. I would give anything to be traveling again so live it up while you’re over there!

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