Reflections and Revelations

I am one of two students from this experience that returned to Minnesota and didn’t go back to the “college life”. The past 8 days have been somewhat relaxing for me, I’ve taken full advantage of daily naps and home cooked meals from my new roommates (my parents). Looking back on our trip to Thailand, it seems as though it was all a dream…until I look through all the wonderful pictures that captured all of our memories. There are many things and ideas that I carry with me today that I learned from our time in Thailand. My attitude toward every day life has changed, I’m not so concerned with having my life planned out by the hour or what I’m doing next weekend. I find myself taking each day as it comes and not sweating the small, unimportant details. When eating at a restaurant, I find myself reminiscing about the concept of “Thai time” and how much longer it took to complete a meal.

Overall, I am extremely thankful for the opportunities I have been given in my life and what the people of Thailand have taught me, both directly and indirectly. I have been asked by numerous people, “How was your trip?” I am really at a loss for words. All I can muster is, “It was amazing, to say the least!” But seriously, I really don’t know how to verbalize what I did, the people I met, and the things we did together. I wish that everyone would travel the world to gain a greater understanding and appreciation for the life they have been given.

My life now consists of applying for jobs and bracing myself for the next chapter of my life. Before Thailand, I was dreading graduation and the unknown of what lies ahead. Now, I am taking it as a challenge and as another learning opportunity just as those we had experienced abroad. Building character one day at a time!

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