Kiara M.’s Advice for Future students!!!

1: NECK PILLOW and BLANKET!!! This was the most important when on the planes and the extensive amount of time you spend on the bus. I forgot my blanket and I was so sad because there were many times that the blanket on my bed was thin and not as warm as I wanted. Also the beds are pretty firm so if your used to your cushy bed make sure you have you blanket to help you in that department.

2: WALKING SHOES THAT CAN GET DIRTY OR WET you will walk a lot and sometimes on dirt roads and there’s lots of dust so YES bring cute shoes for those times when you go out and about on your own but there are times that when you will get dirty so have not fear. Also embarrassing side note in some places there will only be a squatter toilet and until you master it you will probably make some mistakes. Case and point I threw away a pair of shoes after using one of them SO make sure you are not too attached to clothing or shoes.
3: SNACKS my apple juice boxes and fruit snacks saved the day many times just because sometimes the hotel isn’t close to a store. So bringing a few snacks for days like that is great or if you ever miss a taste of home.

4: CAMERA I’m sure you all will bring a camera to capture this experience but make sure you bring all your stuff battery charger, converter or adapter, case, SD card, whatever! Forgetting any of the above will be tragic.

5: COMPUTER no matter what anyone says bring your computer. Nothing will happen to it, and you will NEED it for blogging and Internet when you have it. Cathy and Jill have a lights out policy at 9pm so you will more than likely not use their computers. GOOGLE VOICE is amazing for calls home .01 a minute.

6: FINALLY TOLIET PAPER AND HAND SANATIZER there is almost no toilet paper available to you and you may even have to pay to use it. So bring it, or buy some there immediately. Also they don’t seem to believe in paper towels so if you aren’t a fan of hand drying sanitizer is your best option.

Finally just have an open mind and try things that you normally wouldn’t, don’t be afraid to be adventurous. GET ON THE FREAKING ELEPHANT! Its always worth it, this is not an experience that you will be able to go back to at any time so don’t leave with regrets!

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