Thailand by Danny K.

Post written by Danny K.
We arrived around 130 am, customs ended up taking a long time. First impressions-green, palms, shacks by the freeway, open air buildings. City doesn’t have an end in sight.. We arrive at hotel, surrounded by 7/11s and food street vendors. Hotel is across street from a train stop, we notice Thailand does not have the smells we are accustomed to. Hotel rooms are nice especially if you know how to turn on lights. I have good faith luck will pan its way next time. Breakfast was a buffet, I had rice and eggs-which were a trick to ask for, luckily that’s all he was making so we figured it out. We take train to Chiang Mai, city seems more manageable than Bangkok. Many farms and jungle Iike forests coming into Chiang Mai. Hotel is hidden behind trees and has court yard. People are very nice and smiling often. We took truck to market with entire crew and a few of us held on the back. City has street vendors like Bangkok but are more scattered.

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