Post #1 by Tom Lonergan

Post by Tom Lonergan

Thailand. What an incredible place. From the high rise buildings in Bangkok to the gorgeous views of the jungle on the train ride to Chiang Mai, this country has impressed me from the moment we touched down. The people are always smiling and friendly to all. I am shocked by how many people can speak English here and I’ve had very limited communication issues. Despite accidentally ordering chicken organs from a road side vendor, the food has otherwise been delicious. I haven’t spent more than 4 US dollars at any given place to eat and have always received generous portions. Despite looking almost the opposite of the local people, I feel like I fit in with many other European tourists that are all over the areas we have visited so far. The shopping has shown me better deals than I could ever dream of back in the states, the dollar goes incredibly far here. While sitting on the 9350 mile plane ride here unable to sleep with the passenger in front of me reclining into my knees, I couldn’t help but ask myself if it was really going to be worth it to travel this far to see Thailand. Now that I’m here, the answer is a resounding yes

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