Post by Sheng Thao

Before coming to Thailand, packing was a hard task with the Holidays in mind. Although my room mate and I planned the things that we need, it was all so difficult to be limited with things to live off of. Being a newbie traveler, I had thought of all the possible occasions that I may need something, and might not have it. For example, what if on the plane ride I got very hungry, what if my luggage got lost, I must pack enough stuff on my carry on, and the list goes on. My check in luggage I was nervous might be too heavy that I might have to pay extra, but luckily it was 49.5 pounds!! YAY!! “Yay!” was no more the first couple of day since there were a lot of moving around. With a backpack, small carry on and a big old luggage, it was a workout every time we moved some where. (The uneven ground doesn’t help much either). This is a good thing, if you like to work out, but I don’t. Boo hoo! 

Anyhow now that we are settled in Chaingmai for a good week and a half, I am trying to use up things that I can. Reflecting upon it, I do admit, I over packed a little. But I am going to shake it off and smile because I am learning to be a traveler, I did get a workout (which is rare these days), and Thailand is amazing. This aligns with one of the philosophies that the monk talked about. Avoid suffering, so I should try to see what came out of it. But at the same time the American way, is to see how I can improve the situation, or what can I learn from the experience. The clash of two worlds.. I can not wait for more of Thailand!! 

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