second post

Second Post:

The above picture is when we were releasing the lanterns and the fish at the river.  As a group this was one of my favorite moments, I felt like we really all had known each other for a long time. 

Early this morning I woke up thinking about how tired I was from my day of fun activities.  We were going to offer the food to the monks today.  The bus ride was short as Kim explained the whole process and my heart was beating furiously because I had never done this.  What if I did it wrong?  Kim was so kind to give us bags, flowers, and alms that her staff prepared to give to the monks so they could eat.  I thought that after a couple of days of being here in Chang Mai I had really started to feel the relaxed culture.  This was for sure my moment of “wow” that people talk about.  The way that the monks didn’t treat us differently or shy away because we weren’t Thai people was so welcoming.  It also was just a grounding experience for myself, my thoughts and worries just seemed to be wiped away and I just thought about the experience that I was in at the moment.  Thinking about how the monks were blessing me and about how blessed I was.  Looking back on this, it was my moment.  

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