post #2-challenging myself

I’ve always wanted to go zip lining but I’m kind of afraid of heights. But being here in Thailand, I knew I was going to have to take advantage of every opportunity I was given. Driving up the mountain all I could think about was that I was going to be zipping through those trees. I didn’t really know what to expect until we walked to the first station.  After seeing Danny jump off the platform,  I started getting really nervous. Just hanging from a harness and zipping tree to tree, was terrify to me.  When it was my turn,  I said a little prayer in my head and stepped off the platform.  I made it to the other side alive and had the biggest adrenaline rush.

We went through a few more stations and I was loving it, until we got to the vertical drop. All I could hear in front of me was screams and then I finally got close enough to see what I was about to do. The man hooked me up to the rope and I looked at him and  said,  “So, I just step off and fall?” I was so scared, but I closed my eyes for a few seconds and stepped right off. I made it to the bottom with even more excitement than the first station.

The next station that terrified me was where they hooked you up by your back,  like superman.  It was one of the longest lines and it was pretty high up there.  The thing that scared me was that I would have nothing to hang on to.  But I had to do it just like the rest of the group, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.  As I turned in the air,  I saw the most beautiful site.  I can’t even explain that view, it was breathtaking.

I’m learning so much about myself on this trip. I’ve had to challenge my fears,  my beliefs,  and my way of thinking. Zip lining is just one example so far that I’ve challenged my fears.  I know if I had that opportunity back home I’d probably still do it,  but having the whole group getting to experience it together made it such a memorable experience.

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