Blog 5: Change of plans

     Although I was bummed to find out that we would be unable to visit the hospital and explore the endless city of Bangkok due to the protests, I wasn’t too bummed about spending two days soaking up the sun in Pattaya.  As planned, I ended up having a wonderful, memorable time with a fun group at the beach.  Being able to see the differences between the cultures and feel the different vibes places within Thailand hold was a huge learning experience for me.  I think this little bit of traveling I have done has already opened up my eyes to the natural, simplistic beauty of the world and those that inhabit it. Northern Thailand held so much of this type of beauty while Pattaya couldn’t hold a fraction of this beauty even with the beautiful water and beach.  

     The landscape in northern Thailand is incredibly beautiful.  The lush green jungle covers the ruggedness the mountains hold.  But it is the people who make up the beauty of northern Thailand as far as I am concerned.  I don’t remember receiving a dirty look, bad service, or someone being anything but kind towards our presence.  And we were the loudest group at many establishments.  So going to Pattaya was a huge transition.  We were no longer the only farang, we actually seemed to be in the majority. The service was mediocre and the people were much more rude and egocentric. It was a tourist city that had a vibe similar to party/tourist cities I have been to prior.  The beach and the ocean were stunning but coming from a place where there was such little commercialization was interesting, yet hard to see and adjust to.   I craved more of the simplistic beauty Thailand holds and Pattaya could not give this too me.  

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